Neuro -Urology

Uroflow, Urodynamics, Pelvic floor therapy , Posterior tibial nerve stimulation, BOTOX therapy of OAB, Bladder Augmentation. Best Neuro -Urology IN KANPUR india We have best specialized team for Neuro – Urology treatment.

If you are going through neuro urology disease or you have a problem with it, then there is no need to worry Because we have come a long way in the medical field and these diseases have become common in today’s life, why according to the present, our food and drink have deteriorated. Neuro urology in kanpur To treat this disease in Kanpur also, you have better treatment facilities available what happens in this disease Neuro urology deals with urological problems arising from imbalances between neural circuitry, Due to this problem there is a feeling of very strong urine and the urethra narrows the exhalation By the way, this disease is common in appearance: Very serious: Why does it cause a lot of problem to the patient?

Although the treatment of this disease would have been very difficult, but still they are treated on the basis of their investigation. These diseases happen to very few people, but they happen to those who have many diseases before, such as diabetes and other diseases, they may already have them. But our doctors comfort you about this and try to cure you by treating you well.