General & Colorectal Surgery

All abdominal operations, Breast related problems, Hernia, Hydrocele, fistula, Haemarroid, Fissure, Rectal Prolapse, varicose veins,, पेट सम्बन्धी समस्त आप्रेसन , स्तन रोग, हर्निया , हाइड्रोसील ,फिशर ,बवासीर ,फिस्टुला /भगंदर आदि |

Let’s talk about general and colorectal, what is it and what has to be done for treatment, how can I get treatment for this disease in Kanpur. By the way, this disease can occur at any age and in most cases, this disease is a matter of 50 years because our body weakens very fast due to this. Along with weakening, the immune system in our body starts decreasing, then these diseases start being exposed in our body. And the efficiency of the secret organs of our body starts decreasing, due to which the origin of these diseases is also visible. But you do not need to worry, these diseases are treated in our General and Colorectal Surgeon in Kanpur.

Let us tell you about this disease in detail and also tell you how we are treated here. Although this disease is very simple, but still it can give problem, why weakness with aging Symptoms of this disease In this disease, your bowel movement will not be done properly, you may start having more bowel movements, diarrhea starts coming in the blood of the mall, there is a pain in the stomach. We have almost told you about this disease and if you are struggling with this disease then do not worry you can visit us here.

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